LIIMRA( U&A ) REMEDIES now stands as synonym for high standard, quality, effective & affordable price product of Unani & Ayurvedic medicine. This hallmark has been achieved because of the strenuous efforts of its team of experts who are committed religiously to the work with unmatchable devotion and passion.

The great task of research & development of LIIMRA(U&A) REMEDIES lies in the hands of its team of eminent Pharmacist, Researchers, Technicians, renowned Hakim, Vaids and other experts of quality control who work in consonance and for their help state of art research & development facilities have been provided for.

This entire team of experts & quality controller which is responsible for research & development work at LIIMRA (U&A) REMEDIES, work meticulously on each conceivable aspect of medicine for years by conducting innumerable tests in laboratories before bringing the product for marketing and for its ultimate consumption by human being.

It is here at LIIMRA( U&A ) REMEDIES where the innovative idea of granulation of Unani medicines was mooted first and achieved without losing the effectiveness, vigor and with enhanced potency & strength of medicine which has in fact put the utility of medicine on unbelievably higher pedestal as the Unani and Ayurvedic medicine in granule form are more easily available with each street chemist shop, storable, handy & convenient to use.

Further the equal emphasis is given to the approach to invent the new form of medicine for already existing, tested & tried medicine for centuries without losing its vigor, effectiveness & potency so as to put the same to greater use by the general public & to popularize it.

LIIMRA (U&A) REMEDIES through its above teams of experts and quality controllers follow the rules of the Good Manufacturing Practice (G.M.P.) of the government while manufacturing its medicine at every step from the very beginning till the dispatch.